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Don’t Stop Believing

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I’ve been holding off writing this post for as long as I could, but I feel it cannot wait any longer. Glee will always have a special place in each of our hearts for different reasons. We’ve all grown a little older, a little bolder and a little wiser. Glee has helped many along that journey. I know that we, here at ConfessedGleeks, have been a bit distant for the last couple of seasons but that’s just it: life. We move on, we grow and we rise.

Glee performing Loser Like Me was a big turning point for me. The episode aired just at a point when I needed it most. Everyone starts out as a “loser” in life. In many ways, I am proud to be a loser and I hope that I remain so at heart forever. In order to become something special, you have to start somewhere. We all have the potential to be a star. I just hope that as we all rise, we remember what it was like to be that loser.


Leap for your dreams. Aim for the stars and, even if you miss, you’ll be over the moon. I’ve spent the last two years of my life trying to make the most of each and every day. I can proudly say that I’ve owned every second that this world could give. There have been many highs and many lows. I’ve spent a lot of time recently fighting to get a new business off the ground (shameless plug – check out WaveWall). There have been sleepless nights, there have been tearful days and there have been many, many times when I have wanted to give up. But I haven’t given in. Now things are looking up for me. Keep on keeping on.


Even when it may seem as though the world is pressing down on you and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, remember that there is always someone out there for you. We are young, we are the dreamers, we will fly.


Glee is a world in which the quarterback can make friends with the gay kid. Although the world that we live in may not be as such, we can at least try to see the world not as it is, but as it should be.


Thank you for a wonderful journey over the past few years. Never stop believing.


-HeadGleek (Harry)

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The Most Dreaded Gleeday Is Upon Us

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Dear Gleeks,

Whoever you ship I wish you luck.

You voted to save your ships this week & here are the results;

No matter how the episode turns out be sure to check back in after the ep at www.confessedgleeks.com for a group therapy session in the comments or tweet us your feels @ConfessedGleeks.

Here’s hoping we all come out the other side unscathed though I doubt RIB will let any of us get through 4 x 04 easily.


an already emotional Confessed Gleek

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The Titanic…Sinking Ships

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The episode most dredded by all Gleeks is finally upon us. Next week have the tissues handy as glee screens episode 4×04 The Break Up. not wanting to give anything away. Judging from 4×03 The Makeover it seems all of our ships are in troubled waters. Which begs the question who is going to sink come next week? One hilarious tweet referred to next weeks episode as this ship war’s hunger games. Get voting Gleeks for which couples you want to make it through the week. VOTE TO SAVE WEMMA, KLAINE, BRITTANA OR FINCHEL.

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Favourite Performance Britney 2.0

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We saw Rachel getting sexy, Brittany missing Santana so much that she couldn’t even dance, Jarley getting their Glee on in the bleachers, Tina finally getting some singing action and Blartie channeling some Biebs. All of which makes for a very tough decision, which was your favourite musical performance from Britney 2.0.


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We made it GLEEKS

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GLEEDAY is finally here. We survived yet another hiatus. In keeping with the theme of episode 1 we want to know who you think The New Rachel is?



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Can You Score a Puckerman A+ ?

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Hey Gleeks! Long time no talk! Time for another Pop Quiz.. subject you may ask? European Geography! Lets see if you can score a Puckerman A+ ;) And no peeking at the answers below until you’re done!


1) Spain is considered a mostly mountainous country. True or false?

2) Which region of Spain receives the highest annual rainfall?

3) Name three counties in England where violent storms barely occur?

4) What was the capital of the Austria-Hungarian Empire?

5) Bonus Question: In the north, the Scandinavian peninsula extends across the ________ .




So? How’d you do?! Lets find out! Answers:

1) True

2) In the flatland, On the plain

3) Hartford, Hereford & Hampshire

4) Budapest, Vienna

5) Arctic Circle


How many did you get right? I know, it was a bit hard so I give you credit just for trying & I’ll allow you to add 1 extra point on your score (if you didn’t already :P ). Now, If you scored a 2 or higher.. you definitely got a Puckerman A+! A score of 4-6 I give you a high five & I think Artie may have some competition ;) Let me know how you did below, I’d love to hear the results, and I will be replying! :)

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