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Don’t Stop Believing

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I’ve been holding off writing this post for as long as I could, but I feel it cannot wait any longer. Glee will always have a special place in each of our hearts for different reasons. We’ve all grown a little older, a little bolder and a little wiser. Glee has helped many along that journey. I know that we, here at ConfessedGleeks, have been a bit distant for the last couple of seasons but that’s just it: life. We move on, we grow and we rise.

Glee performing Loser Like Me was a big turning point for me. The episode aired just at a point when I needed it most. Everyone starts out as a “loser” in life. In many ways, I am proud to be a loser and I hope that I remain so at heart forever. In order to become something special, you have to start somewhere. We all have the potential to be a star. I just hope that as we all rise, we remember what it was like to be that loser.


Leap for your dreams. Aim for the stars and, even if you miss, you’ll be over the moon. I’ve spent the last two years of my life trying to make the most of each and every day. I can proudly say that I’ve owned every second that this world could give. There have been many highs and many lows. I’ve spent a lot of time recently fighting to get a new business off the ground (shameless plug – check out WaveWall). There have been sleepless nights, there have been tearful days and there have been many, many times when I have wanted to give up. But I haven’t given in. Now things are looking up for me. Keep on keeping on.


Even when it may seem as though the world is pressing down on you and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, remember that there is always someone out there for you. We are young, we are the dreamers, we will fly.


Glee is a world in which the quarterback can make friends with the gay kid. Although the world that we live in may not be as such, we can at least try to see the world not as it is, but as it should be.


Thank you for a wonderful journey over the past few years. Never stop believing.


-HeadGleek (Harry)

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Makeover – Episode Review

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Makeover – Episode Review

It’s election week at McKinley, and we find out this years’ president!

We start off with a lovely Blaine voice over, where he talks about how much he misses Kurt, and how he needs something to occupy his time. So what does he do? He joins a bunch of clubs, of course (very season one Rachel)! Some notable clubs would be the Superhero, Sewing, and ultimately running for class president (against Brittany). We also get to see a funny Skype  date between Klaine. (All of this is happening while Blaine does an AWESOME cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World).


Brittany chose Artie to be her vice president for the debate, and when Sam found out, he’s kind of mad. After being confronted, Brit tells him that she just wants him to be Blaine’s VP, so Blam is formed. The two groups begin doing makeover’s for the debate (it was hilarious, I recommend watching) while Brit and Sam doing a fun duet of Celebrity Skin. We get to see the four of them get all done-up.


Back in New York, Kurt gets to his interview..to be an intern at Vogue! Isabelle Wright (played by Sarah Jessica Parker!) is the woman in charge, and turns out she’s from Ohio as well! The two hit it off, and she gives him the job because he’s able to pull off some crazy fashion (don’t worry guys..he brought back the hippo brooch). This year Isabelle wants to try leather, and Kurt gets to attend his first meeting on the job! Later at their hotel, Rachel and Kurt talk about how Rachel has been getting picked on because of her style. So Kurt suggests a makeover! The pair sneak in to the Couture Vault (at the new job)…but get caught by Isabelle! Instead of being mad, she decided to shoot a music video with the two, to use for the Vogue website. This turns into a cover of The Way You Look Tonight/You’re never Fully Dressed. Anna, of Vogue, ends up loving the video, and gives Kurt credit for the idea.


Kurt and Blaine do another Skype date. Blaine tells him about his nerves, and his outfit choice (he has it narrowed down to 5 bow ties), but Kurt keeps bringing up how awesome it was to shoot a video with Isabelle. You can see Blaine starting to get sad, because it seems Kurt never has time for him any more  But even with this in mind, Blaine and Sam do great at the debate (Blaine brings up the hair gel debacle of last year, and Sam just kind of agrees with everything he says. Oh yeah, and he takes his shirt off.). Artie does a nice job during his speaking time, but Britt ruins it when she says how much she loves school, and promises to end week-ends and summer break so that they can spend more time there. So, it’s no surprise when Blaine and Sam win president and VP!! During their after party, Blaine goes to Sam with his problems (Blaine had called Kurt to tell him the great news, but Kurt had ignored the call, busy with Isabelle). Blaine confesses that he just came to McKinley for Kurt, and now that he’s gone, he feels alone :( .


Meanwhile, the relationship between Rachel and Brody has really started to heat up. The two see each other in the dance classroom, where Brody can’t seem to get enough of her. The two spend the day together, taking pictures and goofing around, while singing A Change Would Do You Good. Afterwards, Rachel asks Brody to come over for dinner, because she wants to make him something (it’s the new Rachel, after all). While trying to prepare a lovely dinner for Brody, she accidentally catches the food on fire (and tries to put it out with alcohol). When he comes, flowers in hand, they sort of forget about all that. The two end up getting pizza, and laying on the ground, Brody tells her that he promises to keep his hands off until she gets over Finn. Ironically enough, the two kiss right after that! Then the doorbell rings, and she opens the door to FINN HUDSON! He tells her he’s back, with that adorable smile on his face (but no army uniform), but then sees Brody in the background.



Will has lost his spark for Glee Club. He can’t seem to find interest in it anymore, and when he’s in charge of the Show Choir Rules Meeting, he can’t find it in him to care. But, he finds out that glee club’s are getting cut, and he wants to do something about it. The best way he can help is to try to join the Blue Ribbon Panel, and goes to Emma about it. If he were to join, he would have to leave the Glee club for a few months, and he doesn’t know if he can do that. Emma urges him on, and Sue even writes a letter of recommendation for him.

But in good news, Sugar asks Artie on a date! Woo! Also, Sam and Brittany are able to keep their friendship, and we even found out that Sam voted for Brittany to be president, not Blaine.

That’s it for this week! Favorite performance, favorite part, what do you want to see next week? Comment below! See you next week!


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Britney 2.0 – Episode Review

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Britney 2.0 – Episode Review

They’ve done it again! It’s a Britney Spears tribute-round 2!

This weeks episode is all about our head Cheerio, Brittany. The episode opens up with Hold It Against Me, performed by Ms. Pierce herself, as well as her fellow Cheerios (including Kitty). It involved a lot of difficult-looking dance moves and amazing vocals (Brit’s voice sounds much better this season).Unfortunately, after the dance, Brit is sent to Sue Sylvester’s office, where she is informed of her terrible GPA, and can no longer be on the Cheerios until her grades go up (and Kitty takes her spot as team captain). With the compilation of this horrible news, and her woes of missing Santana, Brit goes into a downward spiral, not unlike Briney Spears’s in 2006.

Our favourite lady couple has started off on a bit of a rough patch this season; Santana loves Brittany dearly, but this new college life  has left her with little to no time to spend skyping with her girlfriend :(

Back in New York, we still see Rachel struggling with her dancer teacher, Cassandra July. They’ve begun practising the tango, but their boy-girl ratio is off, and Rachel is stuck with no partner to dance with (and we all know it takes 2 to tango!). July tells her something else – that Rach isn’t sexy enough to tango. Being our ever perfectionist, Rachel takes this to heart.

After class, we see Rachel and Kurt riding their bikes in a vast, colourless room with exposed brick walls and, what looks to be, cement floor…this is their soon-to-be apartment in New York, where Hummelberry will be rooming together to take on the city! After finalising the arrangements, the two sit down with a bottle of wine, and Kurt tells Rachel a few note-worthy things – Cassandra July had a scandal a while back (she flipped at a performance when someone in the audience’s phone went off…where she continued to break the phone and refuse to perform, dramatic Broadway style, of course. This is important info because this may explain why this woman is always so harsh to her students), Kurt is going to audition for the second semester at NYADA, but until then he is going to take up an internship at Vogue.com!!! He also advises Rachel to give July the sex-appeal she wants.

To follow-up with this plan, Rachel consults her new friend Brody, and asks if he would dance with her when she does her sexually appealing performance. Of course he accepts, and along with a few other members of the dance class, they perform Ooops!…I Did it Again. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the performance was definitely sexy! The plan seems to backfire, and July screams at Rachel to get out of her class. Feeling bad the next day, Rachel shows up to the studio to apologise, where July confines in her that she is really so harsh because she wants to prepare all of her students for the tough world they are about to enter, and she wants to give everyone a chance. Stating that she legally can’t kick Rachel out of class, she lets her back in with a warning, and even softens up and gives her a tango partner!

Back at their new apartment, Kurt and Rachel are painting the brick walls, where Rachel talks about how much she misses Finn (even painting his name with hearts on the wall). Unbeknownst to the two, Brody shows up to the apartment with a bundle of flowers (AWW!!). Kurt kindly excuses himself for cake, to give them some alone time. Brody tells Rachel how he had to take a 45 minute bus ride just to get to the apartment, so he could come talk to her in person about something he didn’t want to say over text – he admits he likes her, and even tries to go in for a kiss! Rachel stops it, and that’s when he notices Finn’s name on the wall in hearts. Being a gentlemen, he tells her that he is going to respect her boundaries, but he tells warns her that whenever they’re together, he’s still going to be thinking about kissing her (oh boy).

In Ohio, Mr. Schue notices that Brittany seems a little off (she shows up to school in a World’s Greatest Grandma shirt, sweatpants, hair a mess, and snacking on any junk foods that she can find), so he proposes this week as Brittany week (he also informs the kids that they are performing during the school’s Welcome Back Pep Rally)! Blaine and Artie kick it off with a fun performance of Boyfriend/Boyfriend (looking good, gentlemen).

Next we find out that Marley has taken an interest to Jake Puckerman, but Unique and Tina are quick to tell her that he is a womanizer, then they break out into Womanizer, where we get to see the real side of Jake – he talks with every girl. She’s a little put off, but after Jake stands up for her and her mom in the lunch line, she tells him that she will meet him on the bleachers. They perform Crazy/(You Drive Me) Crazy. This is a pretty cute performance, where Jake plays the guitar and they flirt a bit. At the end, he gives her his leather jacket, and we almost get a kiss (very Grease). After this, Jake gets caught skipping school by Mr. Schue, who leads him to the choir room where NOAH PUCKERMAN IS WAITING (I missed him so much)! The two have a little stand-off, but Puck tells Jake that he knows how he feels, and that the Glee Club was what saved him in high school.

In the choir room, Tina, Joe, and Sam do an acoustic cover of 3 (my favourite performance of the night, it sounded fantastic). During this  lovely cover, we still Brit break down and try to shave her head! After being stopped, she storms out of the room and starts smacking Jacob Ben Isreal, who gets all of it on tape…Brittany has officially cracked. Will brings her into Ms. Pillsbury’s office, where they agree to meet once a week to work on her. This doesn’t exactly help, and with out her usual strive, Brittany suggests that  they lip sync their performance at the pep rally! Trying to help Brit, who won’t let up, they agree. During the performance (Gimme More), she literally steps out and starts eating cheetos while she is supposedly singing, and the students of McKinley catch on. BUT, she finally bounces back and confronts Ms. Sylvester, where she tells her that since she is still president (since she never graduated), and has the power to let herself back on the Cheerios, where she is accepted as long as she promises to work on her grades.

Sadly, towards the end of the episode, we see Jake and Marley talking in the halls…but find out that Jake is dating Kitty, who takes the leather jacket from Marley (very Rachel-Finn-Quinn love triangle). In her sadness, Marley closes the episode with Everytime, where we also get to see Rachel painting over-top of Finn’s name on the wall.

THATS A WRAP – favorite performance? Thoughts on Marley/Jake and Rachel/Brody? Comment below. See you next week!

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The New Rachel – Episode Review

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The New Rachel – Episode Review

WOOO GLEE IS BACK!! Last night was the first episode of the fourth season of Glee. The episode is titled “The New Rachel”

To begin this season, Glee has introduced us to FIVE new characters! The first one we meet is Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson); she has been explained as “Sue Sylvester with a drinking problem.” July is Rachel’s new dance teacher at NYADA (in New York City!), and she is nothing but mean to her students, especially Rachel. July notices Rachel’s “I think I’m better than everyone” attitude, and calls her out. She also does a performance of Americano/Dance Again.




Back in Ohio, the New Directions are battling it out for the head spot as the New Rachel. When Jacob Ben Isreal does his annual blog video, we find out that Tina and Mike broke up over the summer :( Brittany, Blaine, Tina, and Unique (Wade Adams) have a competition (for Artie) to determine the winner. They do a fun performance of Call Me Maybe, where they each take turns showcasing their stuff (with a dramatic pose at the end). Also worth mentioning is that anyone in the Glee Club is now considered popular, and hang out with the cool crowd (with head cheerio Kitty, who is described as “a young Quinn Fabray” although in my opinion she is much more mean).

With this new-found popularity, all the members in the New Directions become cocky and bully-like (Tina even gets a freshman to be her personal assistant). They get peer pressured into making fun of the new lunch lady, which leads us to another new character, Marley Rose! Marley has a fantastic singing voice, and is new to Mckinley High. Her mother, the new lunch lady, has to buy all of her clothes from places like Goodwill and Walmart because their family is tight on money. In an effort to help her daughter, her mother also sews J Crew tags and logos onto the shirts she buys, so her daughter has a chance to fit in. We get a really heartwarming moment between the two, where her mother urges her not to tell the kids that she is her mom, to help her.




We get to meet Sue’s new baby, Robin (she’s adorable). During this scene is where we finally get to see Kurt! As you remember from last season, Kurt’s future was left wide open since he didn’t make it into NYADA (still bitter). We find out he’s been working at the Lima Bean, and taking classes at Allen County Community College. Everyone could tell he was miserable; he hung out back and helped the Glee Club by helping them with auditions and organising their music. Being a good boyfriend, Blaine sits Kurt down and tells him to follow his dreams and go to New York. He mentions that it is killing him seeing Kurt so miserable (awww). To further prove his point, Blaine performs It’s Time for Kurt in the courtyard, complete with jump roping and making beats with cups. It’s a fun performance, that ends with a cute Klaine hug :)





Since the Glee Club is such a big hit at the school, there are a ton of people wanting to audition… including Stoner Brett, Jake Puckerman, and Marley Rose. Brett does a nice rap for us, but doesn’t make the club. Jake, who is immediately liked based on his appearance, does a wonderful cover of Never Say Never by the Fray. Mr. Schue cuts him off early because they had a lot of people to go through, and Jake gets mad and knocks over a music stand. Marley sings New York State of Mind, while at the same time Rachel is singing this back at NYADA, to show off to Carmen Tibideux as well as one of the guys in her dorm building (Brody Weston, who she meets getting out of the shower).  Marley makes it, Jake doesn’t (due to his aggressive reaction, not his singing). This leads to an angry Jake and a happy Marley. Toward the end of the show, we learn that Jake is NOAH PUCKERMAN’S BROTHER! Another plot twist – Puck doesn’t know that he is his brother, they’ve never met.




The New Rachel is revealed, and chosen by Artie….BLAINE ANDERSON. At the lunch table that day, Marley sits with them as a New Direction’s member. Of course, they begin their routine of making fun of the lunch lady. Marley gets so angry that she tells them that the lunch lady is her mom, and storms off from the table. This FINALLY gets the New Directions out of their funk, and they go to apologize (and officially become “uncool” again).  Marley and Unique get the seemingly mandatory slushie facial, and Glee is finally back to normal :)

As an apology to Marley, Blaine invites her to do the lead vocals of the number they’re working on – Chasing Pavements. During this performance, we finally get to see the New Directions back to their usual singing and dancing, and see Marley get welcomed into the club. Before this, we get a heart-breaking Kurt and Burt scene, where Burt is dropping Kurt off at the airport to go to New York and chase his dream. Burt makes a comment that “You can always come back..but you won’t” and the last shot of that scene, we see Burt break down into tears (as was anyone watching, to be honest).  So during Chasing Pavements, we see Rachel finally break down and call Kurt, bawling her eyes out. She confesses that her life in New York has been terrible; her dance teacher is a monster, and she can never go to her dorm because her roommate always has people over. Kurt tells her she should find a roommate, and to “Turn around”. When she does, she sees Kurt standing on the other side of the fountain, smiling and waving!! Hummelberry is finally reunited in New York!!!




RELATIONSHIP WATCH – Marley and Jake share a look when they go to see their fate in the New Directions (Jarley). Sam has a talk with Marley, sharing that he KNOWS what she’s going through, because he went through the same thing (Sarley). Rachel misses Finn dearly (it’s been 2 months since they’ve talked), but her new friend in New York, Brody, is being very caring and helpful towards her.




That’s a wrap! How did you like the first episode of the season, was it a good opener? Who’s your favorite new character? Favorite performance? What would you like to see next week? Until then, Gleek on!!



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Episode Review – Goodbye

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Episode Review – Goodbye

Before I start, big time SPOILER ALERT :)


SO GLEEKS, season 3 has come to an end. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I was highly anticipating the season finale..especially since a lot of the main cast members were graduating and I wanted to know what their futures would hold…and I don’t know about all of you, but I was slightly underwhelmed :/


I’ve been a fan of Glee since the pilot episode, so maybe I had a litte higher expectations of how the seniors would leave…the end of this episode made me want MORE; I felt like there were so many things left unanswered. What I don’t know is, maybe those questions will be answered in next season perhaps?


Regardless, it was a good episode with many favorite moments. We start off the episode with the original glee members singing “Rock the Boat” as Mr. Schuester recalls the very first rehearsal of Glee; OMG, Kurt looked so young!!!! :) and let’s just say I LOVED LOVED Kurt’s graduation gift from his dad…who can better do the single ladies dance than BURT HUMMEL!?!? :)


We slowly learn throughout the episode the future for our seniors…so here’s a quickie of what we learn:


1. Santana does not want to go to Kentucky, she wants to go to NY because she knows she’s a star, and her mom (Gloria Estefan) really wants her to, but in the end, is the most supporting mother and let’s Santana pursue her dreams.

2. Brittany has a 0.00 GPA and is flunking, therefore she’s going to repeat her senior year.

3. Puck, who passed his geography exam with a C- (or a Puckerman A+), with the help of Quinn (and a kiss), graduates!

4. Mike Chang is going to Chicago for dance.

5. Kurt does not get into NYADA :(

6. Finn does not get to work at “Inside the Actor’s Studio” :(

7. Mercedes get’s discovered, due to her YouTube video, and will be pursuing her dream, starting out as a backup singer

8. Quinn, obviously, going to Yale :)

9. Rachel gets into NYADA..and finally she is the girl who has it all…but decides to put it on hold and stay with Finn/Kurt to help them go with her to NY.


NOW, when I first realized this I was really angry at her! She fought so hard, only to give it up, and she’s so young. We find that Finn and Rachel are on their way to get married, but turns out Finn takes Rachel to the bus station so she can go to NY, essentially “setting Rachel free” to pursue her dreams as he stays behind. As sad as she is, she realizes Finn is right, and I really hope somewhere along the way, they will find each other again. Finn ends up pursuing the army, to help rebuild his father’s status. Much to many fans dismay, we find out absolutely nothing about Kurt’s future plans.


I found myself wanting MORE out of the episode, maybe more songs..or…maybe I just wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, but if you guys haven’t heard, Ryan Murphy, in an interview, stated that all the characters will always be welcomed on the show, and will always have a part,  if they still want it ;) so I hope we see a lot of characters return for Season 4.


So what did you all think? Was the Season finale all that? Or where you like me, wanting and craving more?? Leave me your comments on your thoughts along with your favorite moment of the finale :) I’d love to hear it.


Until next time GLEEKS :)

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Episode Review – Props/Nationals

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Episode Review – Props/Nationals

Hey Gleeks! We got a VERY special treat last night; 2 episodes of Glee back-to-back! It’s getting so close to graduation, and that means Nationals! Sue is dead-set on getting the championship for these kids so she can get her Cheerios back (and she may care about them, just a little bit). She’s noticed how Unique has become quite the sensation and asks Kurt to wear a dress during Nationals, and go under the new name “Porcelina”. He refused (it’s an insane idea), so we go to the choir room. Mr. Shue is talking about giving the solos to Rachel (as usual) and is looking for dedication and hard work. When he asks for any objections in the room, Tina stands up and leaves. She’s feeling bad (as she should), the poor girl has gotten barely any solos during ANY season of Glee. She’s sick of being in the background. Rachel comes out to talk to her, Mike is dissapointed, and she’s just overall flustered.

Appointed as the new costume manager for Nationals, Tina has her arms full with fabric at the mall. She sees Kurt and Blaine, says hi, and while she’s arguing with Mike over texts, she slips and falls in a fountain! On impact, she hits her head and enters a dream-like state. Expecting Kurt and Blaine to be the ones to pick her out of the fountain, she sees Finn and Puck’s faces looking at her, dressed like Kurt and Blaine. When she gets out of the fountain, it turns out they think she is Rachel! Everyone in the club has switched roles with someone else, and when they return to the Glee club we get to see all of them: Finn= Kurt, Puck=Blaine, Artie=Santana, Mercedes=Brittany, Sugar=Quinn, Mike=Joe, Sam=Rory, Tina=Rachel, Mr. Shue=Sue.


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