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What kind of ads do you offer?

We offer banner advertising as well as static homepage link advertising. Pricing for banner ads are priced based on impressions or CPC while static homepage link ads are monthly.


What is the cost?


Banner Ads:

Banner ads are based on a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) model. You set the maximum price you are willing to pay and the system will charge you the minimum amount needed to show your ad. For example, if someone is bidding $1.00 for 1,000 impressions and you bid $3.00 for 1,000 impressions, you would only be charged $1.01 since that is the lowest cost to still bid higher than the next highest bidder.

There are two kinds of banners available – the sidebar ad and the ad above and below each post.

There is a minimum bid of $2.00 per 1,000 impressions.


Static Homepage Ads:

We also have static homepage ads – there is a Partners section in the sidebar which is where your ad appears. These are a flat rate of $25 per month and appear on each page of the site. You can have a sentence of text plus your desired anchor text.

What sizes and specs are the banner ads?

We currently run the banner ads in 2 different sizes: 200×200 in the sidebar and 468×60 within posts. Banner ads can be text-based or image based (GIF, JPG and PNG are supported).

Will my banner ad be shared with other advertisers?

No, the ad space you purchase is not shared with any other advertisers.

Can I show ads only to users in certain geographic regions?

Yes, you can geotarget your banner ads to specific countries if you wish.

Do you have any demographics for your userbase?

Obviously this site is about Glee and therefore our readers are interested primarily in Glee, but also in music and other related themes. For example, fansites, videos, films, songs, music videos and memes are very popular with the readers.

Age: 15-25

This map shows where visitors to our site are from:

What else can you tell me about your site? is one of the most popular Glee fan communities on the web. We have the largest following on Twitter of all the fansites (over 50,000) and we have been going since September 2011. We receive around 3,500 unique visitors per month when Glee is on air and around 1,500 when the show is on hiatus.

What kind of ads are allowed?

We have the final say on what ads are allowed and which ads are not. A good baseline to follow is no porn, no pharmaceutical, nothing illegal, etc. We review ALL ads before they are allowed to go live. If you are unsure if your ad would be approved, simply create the ad and it will automatically be put into the review queue (you don’t need to fund your account to create ads and have them reviewed).

Can I limit how much I want to spend per day?

Yes, you can limit how much you want to spend on a per advertisement basis. You can also limit your daily spend as a whole on your account (across all ads).

Am I going to get charged for non-humans clicking my link or viewing my ad?

No, we filter search engine spiders and other non-human traffic so you will not be charged for traffic generated from automated processes.

How much detail can I view about clicks and impressions?

You can view exact details about every click for your ad for the last 7 days (including IP address and user agent). You are able to see detailed impression data for the last 7 days, but you are not able to view data that would expose who the user is (IP address for example) for privacy purposes. You can always see daily summaries going back as far as you wish.

What type of payments do you allow?

Currently we allow you to fund your advertising budget with PayPal.

Can you bill us monthly for advertising?

No, sorry. Currently advertising is prepaid (with a $25 minimum funding amount).

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

Email Harry here: [email protected]

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