Glee Highlights for the Month of April

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Glee Highlights for the Month of April

Not only this hit TV show is a favorite internet trend just like online poker, Justin Bieber, and even Candy Crush, news have been constant for this “spontaneous singing” high school and young adult personas. Whether you are on Facebook, YouTube, playing World of Warcraft or partypoker;, listening to Zedd in Soundcloud, or viewing reblogs of Liam Hemsworth in Tumblr, Glee will always be referenced in some way or another. Just like how poker can be easily learned online now, how Justin Bieber’s latest song can be so hated and loved all at the same time, and how the movie Pitch Perfect has become successful because of showcasing YouTube-inspired mashups, Glee is part of an ongoing culture that is staying still in this generation. So while you play a game of Omaha Hi-Lo or No Limit Hold’em, or writing about Naya Rivera in your blog, let’s see the latest on what’s happening on Glee.


Guess Who’s Coming Back


It’s not just Amber Riley who will be back to help out the New Directions. Kate Hudson will return with some revenge to dish out, that’s according to an article by Perez Hilton, showbiz gossip extraordinaire. As Perez puts it, “We knew we were in for a treat when we discovered that Amber Riley and her powerhouse vocal stylingz would be back on Glee this week for its new episode, Wonder-ful, to help the rest of her friends at New Directions pay tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder, but we were NOT anticipating that returning guest star Kate Hudson would be back with some SERIOUSLY SOULFUL VENGEANCE herself!”


Friends Say He Looks Great


Who is? Cory Monteith, of course. NY Daily News web reporter Zayda Rivera headlines, “the actor was seen Friday with girlfriend Lea Michelle after finishing his second stint in treatment for substance addiction.” Monteith and his co-star/girlfriend Lea Michelle were both spotted in Los Angeles and were all smiles. The Glee star “voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction,” his rep told People in late March as reported by Rivera. “Sending out big love to everyone,” Monteith tweeted. “Thank you for the continued support! It means the world to me!”


And On The Next Episode


If you are a fan of classics sung by Stevie Wonder, this upcoming May 2 episode of Glee will be a treat. As reported by;, FOX released the following to describe the episode. “The members of New Directions take on the greatest hits of music icon Stevie Wonder. Meanwhile, Artie receives news that could affect his future and his mom (guest star Katey Sagal). In New York, Rachel prepares for her ‘Funny Girl’ callback in the all-new Wonder-ful episode of GLEE airing Thursday, May 2.”


All that said, most of the songs of the new episode have now been released and Perez Hilton has it all tagged in his aforementioned article. Enjoy.

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